Yes, I’m making games! Ofc I’m new at it. I hope you’ll see my new game!
PS. I’m only one, there is no other people to help.

I Cannot Take It Anymore! (ICANTTAKE.WAD)

Doom 2 WAD

The hardest Doom 2 mod (maybe) you ever played!
INFO : The Textures I used on this, from Realm995. I don't make it.

Starfield in Doom

Space... The Final Frontier... Oh Wait, this is worng. Starfield, future is bright at space... Maybe not.

This is juts a parody map, made into Doom Engine. Since Doom is one of Bethesda's games... (Don't sue me Xbox). I tried to make everything custom to be and it did (very badly ofc) but anyways, the end of this game is secret btw. You need to kick one of walls for this (if you have balls of steel)

Too Scared To Be Shit

Sven Co-op Map

it's just some person's apartment with coomer stuff on it (+18 ofc), end of the map has small maze in it. Problem is map cannot end. Due to my problem. ANYWAYS! IT'S MY FIRST MAP!

God Awful Events

When man wants to kill demons on world... Gone SEXUAL! (ofc not)

You play as Joseph, a man gone very religious and seeing demons everywhere. His live is in hell right now. His only healing is seeing The Cross.