Welcome to my site!
Ever wonder WHY a game is good? Or why it's bad? I'm ProJared, and I'll tell you why. Emphasis on RPGs and retro games most people have never heard of!

Games I Play

Mostly, I like Table Top Games. I love all verisons of D&D!!! After this, I like old NES, SNES and DOS games. I love FF5 than other FF Series games, DON'T JUDGE ME! Also I like WoW. Anyway, I'm gonna put a list on here:

  • D&D
  • Monster Hunter
  • Super Mario
  • WoW
  • Final Fantasy 5
  • Legend of Zelda
  • High Seas Trader
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Mega Man
  • Super Bonk
  • Sim- Games by Maxis


I post videos monthly but only gaming videos, D&D videos has own special month : D&December! If you wanna see my gaming and D&D Videos, click "Videos" menu to watch my videos! (Needs QuickTime 5.0 or Microsft Media Player for Win95 and a good internet)

I got back! I had hard time with my life but I missed you guys! New videos are coming!!!

10/02/1999 : I uploaded new video to Videos section! PLS LOOK!

01/01/1999 : Happy New Year!

I love Warcraft 2 4eva